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Just because it’s good, doesn’t make it easy

Just because it’s good, doesn’t make it easy

Happy Monday!  It’s still Monday on the East Coast by a few hours, and it’s never too late for a little Motivational Monday goodness. Today’s quote is: I have never been a fan of change.  My mom would say that that’s an understatement.  It actually makes my skin tight and itchy, and I will do a … Continue reading

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Art + Reading + Too Much Internet + Trying to Date = My Life in NYC Right Now It's 2012, and I have a few resolutions. I've found that if I don't put those resolutions in some public realm and force myself to update about them, they are easier to ignore. So this is my project for 2012. It's not about reinvention, just readjustment. Hope some of you come along for the ride!



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