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Daily Life of Me, NYC

Christmas time in the Big City

Greetings! I am not dead, but adjusting to my new schedule (full time) has taken a lot out of me.  As a result, I have not had a lot of time to think about this blog.  Well, that’s not true.  I think about it and things that I would like to write about a lot, but when I get home, I’m too wiped to sit down and write.

Christmas has also ended up with the short-straw. I still haven’t completely finished my Christmas shopping, and Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I’ve NEVER been this behind with shopping. It’s a strange feeling.  A little unsettling, to be honest.  It hasn’t helped that Thanksgiving was late this year.

In a last ditch effort to dive into the Christmas Spirit, I dragged Mr. Librarian into the city for shopping, trees, and gingerbread lattes on Saturday.  He must really love me because he braved the crowds like a champ.  Bear in mind that this is the last Saturday before Christmas.  Any place even slightly Christmasy is jammed packed so that you can barely move. We started with the shops in Union Square and made it all the way up to Central Park. To be fair, it was his idea to go into Toys R Us in Times Square.  We lasted in there for all of 7 minutes before running outside away from the crazy.  Went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, and they had the streets in the area shut down to traffic.  It was strangely awesome.  We finished the stroll down 5th Avenue, looking at shop windows. I admit to the dreams about pretty jewelry.

It was a wonderful day, and I am grateful to have had Mr. Librarian to spend it with. I’m a lucky girl.

So here are a few photos of Christmas in NYC.  Happy Holidays everyone.

Christmas Bryant Park

Christmas Tree and skating in Bryant Park

Christmas Empire State Building

Christmas Empire State Building

There's an actual ferris wheel in the Toys R Us.

There’s an actual ferris wheel in the Toys R Us.

The Disney store is always a highlight for me.

The Disney store is always a highlight for me.

Tree at Rockefeller Center

Tree at Rockefeller Center

Bergdorf Goodman's windows were Holiday themed.  This was April Fools.

Bergdorf Goodman’s windows were Holiday themed. This was April Fools.

Bergdorf Window: Halloween

Bergdorf Window: Halloween



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