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April Fools or Not?

In honor of April Fools Day, I am going to tell a little story about my recent flight from Philly to Atlanta to get to Auburn, AL for my sister’s basketball game (quarterfinals of the WNIT – they WON, btw and play in the semifinals on Wednesday).

The following story: true or false?

I was in the Philadelphia airport early Saturday morning and was getting nervous about going through security.  Full disclosure – I am always a nervous wreck when I go through security.  Don’t ask me why, but I’m always scared that I did something wrong and am going to be taken to some little room to be strip searched and interrogated.  Obviously I have issues.  It was first time going through the full body scanner, and geez, could those be a little more intimidating?  I felt like I was in Star Trek…or in Starship Troopers.


So I took off my belt, shoes, etc. and got into line to be scanned (as a note, the “informative” signs describing how the scanner works while you’re waiting to go into it are NOT reassuring.)  Of course I forgot to put my boarding pass back into my purse and was barked at for trying to put it in my pocket, apparently the wrong move, but since I’m used to metal detectors, who knew?

I managed to get through the scanner without further incident but was stopped on the other side.  The (female) TSA official asked if she could pat me down in the chestage area and if I was comfortable doing it where we were or if I wanted to go to a private area. No way was I going into one of those private rooms. I would have a panic attack and be instantly thought guilty of something. Feel free to check out the girls right here, lady.

Then, after “examining” me, she asked if I had anything hidden under my shirt. Um…what? What would I have hidden in there?  My bra wasn’t even padded.  I was so shocked, my only response was “Just my boobs.”  For a few seconds, I don’t think she believed me.  Thankfully she eventually let me go on my way.

So what do you think?  Am I full of it?

Either way, really happy that it’s April and maybe the weather will stay a little warmer and spring like.


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