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Breaking out the shitastically nice dress

I have a dirty little secret: today was a “shitastically nice” dress day.  You know what I’m talking about.  We all have that type of clothing in our closet.  The clothes (a red jersey dress in my case) that look really nice from afar but are, in fact, glorified rags.  The clothes you can’t bring to your parents’ house because your mom will immediately try to throw them out behind your back.  They are so comfortable because they are so worn out in, and you can’t let anyone get too close for fear that they will notice the weathered fabric and realize that you don’t look nearly as nice as they initially thought.  This can actually be a plus depending on your feelings in regards to personal space.  I usually pair it with some boots, leggings, and a sweater, and I look great while wearing glorified shlub clothes!  It’s the perfect outfit for those days when you need to look nice-ish and secretly, just don’t want to leave the house.  I used to feel slightly ashamed of myself when I would wear my “shitastically nice dress,” especially since I use it as “dress up” clothes, but I’ve gotten over that with time and support from my friends.  I now know I am not alone in my choice of attire.  My friend B (who reads my blog!) has a button down shirt with a giant hole in the elbow.  When she wears it, she gets complimented for dressing up just like I do when I wear my dress, until she displays her lovely elbow protruding from her shirt.  It makes me so proud!

“Shitatistically nice” clothing.  What’s not to love?


One thought on “Breaking out the shitastically nice dress

  1. Comfy and looks nice? Definitely a keeper!

    Posted by bossymoksie | February 7, 2013, 1:35 am

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