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Jumping on the bandwagon

Welcome to Girls

I have finally watched HBO’s Girls, and all I can say is “when can I watch it again?”

It’s a realistic, if depressing, look at the state of New York women in their 20’s, and it made me think about my life a bit differently. I have seen many internet posts and reviews about the way in which women my age relate to the show’s characters and life scenarios, and I am no different.  Living and dating in New York is difficult.  As I watched, I would tell my roommate all about the plot, and the more I talked about it, the sadder the state of our reality seems.  While I understand why so many people point out that the characters are selfish and drifting lost in life, much like Millennials in general, I think that those reviews are missing the point.  The characters are absolutely selfish and self-involved.  And yes, like the characters, we as a generation are selfish sometimes and want to follow our dreams (and talk ad nauseam about those dreams,) and yes, we are lost in life.  We are trying to find our voice.  Hell, we don’t even have an agreed upon name (Millennials defines what exactly?)  But we’re figuring it out, just like every generation before us has done (hippies anyone?) Sometimes I feel like people forget how lost every generation is for a certain period of time because they’ve already found their way.  Girls depicts that journey in a raw and truthful way.

My mom actually stopped watching the show a few episodes in because she couldn’t handle the thought that it was a realistic depiction of life in NYC.  The male characters were especially difficult for her to digest.  Honestly, while Adam is a bit of a stereotype of the hipster actor, I have met several Adams and even had a ridiculous crush on one for a long time (hint: it did not end well.)  I love the fact that there are many wince-inducing, awkward moments over the course of the season such as Adam telling Hannah that they should play the quiet game during sex because she can’t stop talking.  Honestly, I would have appreciated seeing Hannah leave Adam for being such a man-child instead of watching him miraculously turn into the a loyal boyfriend, as long as you don’t mind being peed on in the shower.  But while bad for the soul, many women take that route and sometimes it even works for them.

I do, of course, have my issues with the show.  The apartments are too big, in my opinion, and far too well decorated, and Marnie would never be able to cover rent and bills on a gallery assistant salary.  But the suspension of disbelief is what makes watching TV fun.  I loved SATC, and you don’t get much further than life in New York than most of that show.

In the first episode, Hannah tells her parents “I think I might be the voice of my generation, or a voice in a generation.” I don’t know that I would call Lena Dunham the voice of my generation, but at lease we’re trying to find our voice.

So now I am getting excited for Season 2, which starts Sunday (as a birthday present to me, of course.)


One thought on “Jumping on the bandwagon

  1. I’ve seen the show. Have mixed feelings on it. At least the female lead characters are 3 dimensional and not bikini models.

    Posted by bossymoksie | January 9, 2013, 11:32 pm

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