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Crazy Houses of Lights in Dyker Heights

Since I moved to New York, I have always heard about the Dyker Heights lights, but because it is so deep in Brooklyn, I never made it to see them.  Well this year, that changed, and damn were they fantastic.  I have to give credit to Mr. Librarian for taking me to see the lights (he knows how much I love Christmas lights.)  Apparently, in this Italian-American neighborhood, each neighbor creates amazing (and sometimes very tacky) light displays that include requisite life sized nativity scenes, Santa figurines, and blow-up characters.  Many are designed by Christmas light professionals (who knew that was a thing?)  There are even tours that run from Manhattan.

Take a look at a few photos I took.

Snowflake houseI love these snowflakes in the windows.

Everything House

This house is insane. Could there be a few more lights?

Pose with SantaYou can sit in Santa’s lap too.

Soldier HouseThis was the most popular house on the street, and I am kicking myself for not getting a better picture.  People were walking up the front steps to take pictures with the house.  Personally, that would freak me out.

Green houseI’m not feeling the green lights.  Feels like Oz. Of course that could be the intention.

Blue House

This house is in Bay Ridge, but I felt that it needed to be pointed out.  Florescent blue lights seem to be the new fad this year, and I would hate to live across from this place. It actually hurt my eyes.  The photo even hurts my eyes a bit.


I didn’t end up taking a photo of my favorite house in Dyker Heights.  It looked like an English cottage that was dropped in Brooklyn and screamed Christmas to me.  I want to live there immediately.

Part of me wants to be one of these crazy awesome people when I have a house (someday, maybe.) Of course you need to have boatloads of money since the average electric bill is hundreds of dollars a month, which doesn’t take into account buying and installing the lights themselves.

So for now I will just go and enjoy other people’s light displays. Works for me!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Houses of Lights in Dyker Heights

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