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Blessed in a Storm

I was very lucky last night and have escaped Hurricane Sandy fairly unscathed.  Many people were not as lucky.  By now most of you have seen the pictures of the flooding of streets, subways, and Battery Park.  You’ve seen the floating cars and the broken crane.  I live in Astoria and was extremely fortunate, as were my friends and family both inside and out of the city.  This is the first disaster I have been in close proximity to, and when I see the images from the storm on the screen, it’s hard to believe that that is my city.  So many people displaced from their homes, without electricity or water.  But in the face of all of this destruction, there were so many stories of people to be proud of.  Emergency rescue workers, police, firemen, and the National Guard who stepped in to ensure everyone’s safety before, during, and after the storm.  The doctors, nurses, and hospital workers who evacuated NYU Langhorne when the power went out and the generators failed.  The Con-Ed, MTA, and city workers who are trying to restore power, public transportation, and clear the streets of debris.  The volunteers who are signing up to help in shelters and in the clean up effort and to donate blood and clothing, and money.  There are many people on Facebook who have power and are offering up couches and spare rooms to those who were evacuated or are without power.

So many people in this city are standing together to bring it back from the wind and water, and I am proud and incredibly blessed to be a part of that city.


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