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Attracted to Rock?

Last Tuesday, I went to a screening of Rock of Ages on a second date.  Aside from the fact that it was not a movie to see on a second date (way too much sex,) it got me thinking about musicians.  Why do women love them so much? Many of the women that I know have dated at least one “Rock God” who they would still describe as sexy.  Miserable to date, maybe, but sexy.  What is it about the stage that makes women swoon?  Is it the music itself?  Is it the confidence? Is it the persona? Or is it some ideal man that we project onto them?  I think it’s a little bit of each.

Not from the movie (actually in W Magazine) but you get the picture.

In Rock of Ages, Stacee Jaxx is the ultimate “Rock God,” and women literally faint at the sight of him.  While a slight exaggeration, most musicians have no trouble getting a piece of ass no matter what they look like. I’ll admit that I don’t think that the violinist or cellist in high school is usually very popular, but I’m sure that there is a segment of women who still swoon over him (he might just not have found the right audience yet or be unimpressed by the grade of swooning woman.)  Its a cliche, but musicians often get the girls.  I admit that I swoon a bit too.  There’s something about a guy on stage that I find very attractive, but I haven’t figured out why exactly.

I think this scene from Love Actually said it best:

Sam: Daniel, I have a plan!
Daniel: Thank the Lord! Tell me.
Sam: Well, girls love musicians, don’t they?
Daniel: Uh-huh.
Sam: Even the really weird ones get girlfriends.
Daniel: That’s right. Meatloaf definitely got laid at least once. For God’s sake, Ringo Starr married a Bond girl!
Sam: [looks at him strangely] Whatever.

Before I end this rambling post, let me mention that I am aware that not all musicians are dogs who use women.  I know people who have successful relationships with musicians.  I just want to know what makes them so attractive to us?

So, tell me, have you ever dated a musician?  What did you find most attractive about him?

I’m very curious…


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