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Not too busy for kissing

I have been insanely busy for the past two weeks and today is my first day completely off (loving it.) I’ve barely been home, and when I am, I’m asleep.  The cats have been yelling at me a lot for not being home (especially since my roommate is out of town.)  As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been moving the gallery I work with.  I am also involved with a musical that opened Tuesday (artistic director), working more at my admin job (and teaching art), babysitting, and dog walking.  Yes, only some of it has been paid (and I need to change that,) but I need to do what makes me happy:

Somehow I managed to squeeze a two-hour long date into my Saturday.  We went to the Met so that I could check to see if one of the Contemporary Galleries was open for a tour (for work because apparently I can’t go on a date without working.) We also saw the Tomás Saraceno installation, Cloud City, on the roof (so cool!)

It was another OKC date and was the best that I’ve been on so far.  He has a day job he doesn’t enjoy but loves movies and reviews them for a blog.  We’re going to go out again on Tuesday (to see the movie Rock of Ages) so we’ll see how that goes.  It definitely wasn’t instant attraction, but I’m going to try.  Honestly, his body type isn’t what I’m typically attracted too, but he’s really nice and fun.  Plus he was very understanding when I told him I wanted to go to the Met for work.  Sometimes things grow and I’m willing to be patient.  Obviously, I am still trying to do this whole positive thinking thing and trying not to overthink why there was no instant attraction.  The other guy (the one I’m insanely attracted to) hasn’t texted but he responds and chats if I contact him.  No clue what that means (probably nothing good,) but again, trying not to think too much.  I know he’s been really busy (and so have I, obviously.) Apprarently he wants to go out but nothing has been set up.  Grrr… Honestly, I have too much going on in life right now to think much about the inner-workings of the male mind.  Up until now, all I wanted was a day off to lie around in bed and play on the interwebs without worrying about all of the stuff that I’m not doing (today!)  That or a really good make-out session.

Kissing is very relaxing.  Maybe that will happen soon too…


2 thoughts on “Not too busy for kissing

  1. Busy busy bee. Loved the message in the first picture. Will definitely come back to read more.

    Posted by Nifti | June 9, 2012, 12:47 am

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