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Wedding Bells Ring

I was in Philly for the wedding of one of my dear friends from college this weekend.  Most of my friends from college are now married, and sometimes I feel out of place because I’m nowhere near married.  Granted, they are all at least slightly older than me but not by much.  But instead of focusing on the negative feelings, I would like to focus on the positive.  It was a beautiful wedding.

Kelly Anne was stunning in a dress fit for a princess, and she practically bounced down the aisle toward Dave.  She has always looked forward to her wedding day, and I think she had a blast.  I know I had a great time with my college friends.  We talked, danced, ate, drank, and celebrated.  Two of them even “respectfully” crashed the wedding next door.  From the pictures, they look like they had way too much fun.  Have to say, I was always curious about real wedding crashers since the movie, and now I know two!  The best part was seeing how happy Kelly Anne was to be with Dave and to have all of us with her to party for her day.  It’s the sort of joy I wish for every bride on her wedding day.

Congrats to Kelly Anne and Dave!

And since I have weddings on the brain, here’s a peak into my wedding shoe fantasy…

I could say that I want an amazing pair of heels (and part of me does.)

But let’s get real, it’s more likely that this is my future:

So until I need to make real wedding plans, I’ll think about what color Chucks to wear.


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