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Library Addiction

I have a problem with library books.  Basically, I get too many at one time and love ALL of them.  And most are non-fiction (don’t get me started on the number of fiction books that I get, especially now that I have a Kindle.)  Sometimes I go to multiple libraries and other times I request them so I only need to make one stop.  I absolutely love NYPL for all of the amazing books that I can get. My friend Ellen calls it “continuing education,” and I guess that that’s what it is (without the teacher.)  I’m still only working part time so why not spend some of my free time reading up on things that can help me?  Plus, maybe it will make me more attractive to employers.  I’ve learned some useful stuff (which is where all of the blog changes will be coming from.)

I also read a ton of fiction (just check out my Goodreads account.)

What do you like to read?


One thought on “Library Addiction

  1. I’m also addicted to library books. I leave my local library with a big pile every time I go there. And I love that the online system gives me access to other libraries, since they are connected, and there’s almost nothing you can’t find. The only time I get sad going to the library is when I have to read a book I haven’t had time to read. Apparently I think I have way more time than I do have to read all of them.

    Posted by RedheadCarol | April 11, 2012, 3:48 am

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