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Daily Life of Me

The coming days…

This is the best way to work: glass of happy hour priced sangria and my (new) computer.

Things are still going pretty well.  I am so busy with different projects and work.  Found out today that my admin job will need to be at least 3 days a week through all of April, which is awesome.  I will also have more opportunities to assistant teach and maybe move up to teaching.  I’m learning more about wordpress (for our website) and hopefully will be able to use what I’m learning for this blog.

Busy rest of the week for me! Work, dinner with Ellen, and Roommate Night tomorrow = lots of booze.  Friday I am monitoring auditions for the musical that I am the artistic director for and (hopefully) going to go to AIPAD.  Might not happen, though, because it closes so early.

My mom and sister are coming to visit on Saturday and we’re going to see Once on Broadway and have dinner.  I am so excited to see them.  I love having Ladies Day in the city.  It doesn’t happen often enough.  I’m especially excited to see my sister because I haven’t spent much time with her in a while.

Saturday night and Sunday I will be moving rooms in my apartment.  I realize that that sounds simple, but I have a feeling it won’t be.  Two of my roommates are leaving (as I mentioned) so I will have two new roomies by the end of the weekend.  I’m trying to focus on the positive since change is never easy for me.  On the upside, I’ll be working a ton next week so the adjustment should go alright (I hope.)

Of course before any of this happens, I need to finish press release and a marketing plan for this musical.  Busy busy.

Does anyone have any good social media advice?


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