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Family, NYC

Rocking the City with my Mom

My mom came to visit me today so we could have Lady Day in the city.  I love when I get to spend time with my mom!  We started off with coffees and pastry at Mario Batali’s Eataly which is I completely recommend (along with Chelsea Market.)  After lunch at Orso (always a delicious meal,) we saw Other Desert Cities.  It was a beautiful, poignant yet comedic play about a family and the tragedy and shame that has defined them.  The daughter, Brooke, writes a book about this tragedy causing turmoil in the family as fight over whether she should publish it.  I appreciated all of the flawed and well rounded characters.  They were realistic and relatable which is always key for me.  At one point, Brooke tells her brother, Trip, that he doesn’t understand her pain because he doesn’t have depression (she has been hospitalized for it.)  The conversation doesn’t portray her in the best light because, as her brother points out, she uses her depression as an excuse with her family, and it made me think about my own battle with anxiety and depression.  Do I use my depression as an excuse in life?  Do I think that I deserve to be cut some slack because of my anxiety?   I honestly don’t know.  The play was fantastic, and all of the actors were outstanding (Stockard Channing and Rachel Griffiths especially.)  If you’re ever in New York and looking for a play, check it out.  I will say that the Saturday matinee for this particular play seems to be when the hearing-impaired go, and you can hear the hearing aids feedback sometimes.  Less than enjoyable, and it’s a testament to the play that I was able to get past that.


As always, I love getting to spend time with my mom.  Since I graduated high school (and left my teenage years behind,) my mom and my relationship has improved immensely.  She is one of my best friends.  She has supported me in everything that I have attempted to do with my life and shows genuine excitement for everything that I pursue.  Today at lunch I told her about what is happening artistically for me, and I can’t even say how happy I was that she was genuinely supportive.  It is difficult for most people to understand anyone who chooses to have a career in the arts, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.  She reminds me of my Grammy (her mom) in her unwavering support of me.

I realize that this post has gotten a little sentimental, but I always get a little homesick after seeing my mom.  Next post will resume my regularly scheduled snarkiness.  I also got my Random Reads book in the mail today.  Super excited for it!


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