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To Date or Not To Date

In the past month, I’ve joined okcupid in order to cease and desist the discussion of my love life but so far have had little luck.  I admit that that is due, in large part, to my laissez-faire attitude about the process in general.  See, I enjoy being single.  I enjoy doing my own thing and not answering to anyone.  At the same time, I miss that feeling of being cared for and cuddling.  I also miss sex. A lot.  It’s also difficult to be one of the only singletons among your friends.  The pity gets old after a while.

Basically, I have had one romantic relationship in my life (almost four years) and have limited dating experience.  Now I live in NYC and work in the art world.  That means that I meet a lot of artists/assholes, gay men, and women.  And I’m 5’9”, so most men are too short for me (yes, I have a height minimum, judge away.)  Pickins’ are slim.  When I go out to bars, I attract old men (as in they qualify for AARP,) arrogant assholes, and really short men.  Again, not interested.

So, seeing as I haven’t dated anyone in over four years, I have many friends who are advocating casual sex, but I just can’t do it.  I believe in it. I think it’s awesome, but I’m just not built that tway.  First of all, I need to be comfortable with someone before I can relax enough to enjoy myself.  Also, once I sleep with someone, I want more with them.  I choose to blame my hormones.  So what do you do?  Apparently you join a dating site.  I’ve been told by my friend who did her research that people she has encountered on eHarmony and Match are very long-term relationship and marriage centric, and since that’s not what I’m looking for at this point (and I’m poor,) I’m sticking with okcupid.  Last night, a different friend yelled at me for my lack of effort in the whole thing, so she has challenged me to message three people three times a week.

We shall see how it goes…


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