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birthdays make you think…

My birthday was yesterday, and I turned 27.  I didn’t have a quarter-life crisis at 25, and  I’ve always been pretty neutral about my birthday.  I like feeling special for the day, but honestly, it almost always snows so I don’t see many friends.  This year though I had a hard time.  It’s not the idea of getting older, exactly.  I mean, it would be stupid to complain about that because I’m still young.  It’s the idea of where my life is right now.  I expected things to be different by this point, and I guess I’m having difficulty separating that idea from my current reality.  I didn’t expect to be living hand to mouth constantly and existing like a college student.  I realize that this is a combination of many things (including the economy and the nature of the arts) and that I am very lucky to have what I have, but I need to get past this disappointment in myself.  I need to change what I can and accept what I can’t.  Changing what I can is what this blog is for, in part, so here we go…

All of that being said, I had an amazing birthday with my friends.  Two years ago, I spend my birthday entirely alone (with the exception of the guys from the starbucks that I frequented.)  This year, I spent the evening with a group of female friends that have become incredibly important to me.  Then I came home to my roommates and a cake and tiara.  Tomorrow, I go visit my family for the weekend.  Things may not be perfect, but I’m going to work on changing some of that.  Some things I have no control over, and somehow, I need to learn to be okay with that. I am grateful for the life that I have, filled with art, friends, crazy cats, and amazing family.


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