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Welcome inside my head

So this is new for me.  I’ve had facebook for a while and got twitter about a year ago, but putting myself out there in a blog is new and different.  So why am I doing it?  I’ve learned that peer pressure (or perceived peer pressure) is a good way to change habits, and there are some habits that I need to change.  I’m not trying to change my whole life (or even drastically change part of it,) but it is the start of a new year so what better time to look for a few…differences.  None of this is going to change me as a person, but I need a little push.  So here we go:

1) Cook one new recipe a week and try to make them healthy (I’ve always wanted to know how to cook

2) LOVE MYSELF (easier said than done)

3) Actually go to the gym (I’m going to aim for 2-3 times a week.)  Running helps the anxiety

4) Take yoga classes.  I’ll aim for 1 per week (again, anxiety) – this will be difficult because I don’t like to do group things by myself

5) Go to a real concert (I’ve never been)

6) Learn to knit (I’ve always wanted to)

7)  Buy some fancy (and matching) underwear

8) Date – I have not been on a real date in over a year.  Dating terrifies me.  Most of the time, I’m happy with my own space and being alone, but at the same time, I’m know that I avoid the whole dating scene because I don’t like it.  This needs to change.  I need to get out there again.

9) Do some fun-colored chunky highlights in my hair (even temporary) – this could be difficult because I started a new job recently

10) Take one risk a month (keep track!)

11) Read (try for one book a week) – I’ll use Good Reads to keep track (maybe try for some classics…maybe not)

11) Draw.  It relaxes and centers me so I should put some time into it.

12) Actually work on my social anxiety exercises.  Part of this is exercising and yoga, but I also need to do the reaffirmations and mediation.

13) Do some photoshop work.  I always enjoy it when I do it, so I should make some banners and harrass fanfic authors with them…

14) Practice my french.  I used to be able to speak it and even studied abroad, so I should get back to that point

So that’s me.  I fully accept that some of these goals will fall to the side, but I want to try for as many as possible.  I’m going to update as much as possible to keep track of my process.  Of course part of this exercise is to live outside of my head and the internet (Catch-22).  Either way, here we go!


One thought on “Welcome inside my head

  1. As far as number one, Pinterest makes this pretty painless! I have found lots of yummy items!

    Posted by vintagemarigold | January 9, 2012, 3:56 am

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